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Wav-Legion is a collaborative fusion music project created by Canadian Producer/Musician/Singer/Songwriter wav-Dr. & California Musician/Singer-Songwriter Bonnie Legion.  Unique sound comes from constantly pushing the  boundaries. 

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"Comprised of 13 distinct tracks, Wav-Legion offers an eclectic mix of electronic music fused with a variety of musical elements from other genres. The songs often feature a subtly dark electronic backing, though the actual beat style varies widely from song to song. To give you an example of the kind of fusion we see here, the track heavyweight combines a Terminator style retro electro synthbeat with groovy twists, excellent lounge-like female vocals with accents of trip hop and pop. It’s also a duet where the Wav-Dr has vocal parts as well, delivered in a casual yet effectively hypnotic demeanor. This is a true experimental album. People without appreciation for the avant garde will not know what to make of it. That’s okay, the talent and quality of display here make this music appealing to almost anyone, even if the listeners don’t take full advantage of the deeper meditative forces at work here."


"everything in Wav-Legion comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of alternative music and meaningful lines in one piece."


"Wav-Legion is a collaborative album made by independent artists Wav-Dr. and Shavon Bonnie Legion, which is, among other things, showing the world how powerful underground musicians can be when working together. Wav-Dr. is a Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer and Shavon Bonnie Legion is a singer/songwriter from California. The pair connected on the Blockchain music site Choon and made this record in only seven weeks, which is a pretty brisk pace for new partners. Nevertheless, they crafted 13 original songs that exist in a fusion of Electronic, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and other styles that are all mentally and musically stimulating. The sound is lush, unique, and thought-provoking, with a hypnotic, cinematic vibe that immediately gets attention. "

Faulkner Review

"Overall, this is an outstanding modern pop album that fuses a bewildering range of genres together seamlessly and reinvents what pop music actually is in the process. The sustained inventiveness and creativity across sixteen tracks, along with consistently strong lyrics and melodies, make Bonnie Legion and wav-Dr. a musical force to be reckoned with. Balancing originality and eclecticism with peerless pop nous, their commercial potential is enormous as is their creative potential for the future. Ones to watch, for sure."

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Absolutely impressed with Wav-Legion…and as excited about the music they’re making as they are themselves…there might only be room for two within their band, but there’s room for each & every one of us to listen & support them – believe me, their effort & talent deserve it.

FVReviews/FV Music Blog


We have been completely blown away by the latest collaborative project from wav-Dr and Bonnie Legion. ‘Wav-Legion ll’ is awe-inspiring and a thoroughly innovative listen, which is unparalleled to anything we have heard recently. 

‘Escape the Mundane – Miss Efemby’ is the opening track and it stands the listener in good stead as to what is to come. We hear a thumping kick drum to begin with which feels like the heartbeat to the album and this is felt throughout the forthcoming tracks too. We adored the album as a whole but if we had to pick we would choose our favourites to be, ‘Fear of Flying’ for its flamenco style, ‘Money Time Life’ for its beautiful vocal battle between the male and female vocals. We also loved, ‘Directions’ for the layered building vocals and, ‘Missing It’ for the expertly played, atmospheric and melodic guitar work.