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Bonnie Legion
California multi-genre chameleon Singer Songwriter Shavon Bonnie Legion. Creator of Sound Legion collaborative artists music house. Working with artists and producers in various genres from all over the globe.  I work in just about every genre of music. I cannot contain myself to one genre it is absolutely impossible for me. I work with all types of people from all over the world creating original music. I love to explore sounds and ideas and take huge risks for something fresh. Music is my expression of life in all its many colors. This is my journey of life and music is my tool for discovery and insight. I do not limit myself to one mood or feeling, I throw them all out there. I have worked with artists, producers, and labels in just about every genre. I have hustled and worked myself into a music machine, traveling internationally and all over the states on a none stop rampage to create. I find it hard to follow any box set of rules and becoming rich and famous is never the goal, only to put something amazing out into the world and inspire people to believe in themselves.
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