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Bufinjer is Dave Bulera. A Buffalo, NY native, who makes electronic music. He has been making music since 1999. Bufinjer does not define himself as a specific genre. He like all kinds of music, and have many types of musical influences. Electronica, Bigbeat, and Drum and Bass are some of the main styles created. But also techno, house, ambient, experimental, and rock. The goal is to make music that takes you on a journey using layers of sounds and beats. Always inspired by all types of music. In the early years it was groups like The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Nine Inch Nails, and The Prodigy. And also inspired by electronic artists like Zomboy, Knife Party, Nero, Bassnectar, and rock bands like AWOLNATION, Korn, Filter, and Imagine Dragons. The goal is to keep listeners entertained with music that is rich and full of life. His music will hopefully take you on a journey and keep you wanting more.
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