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D-VINE is a female audio engineer, producer & DJ, located in Germany at the moment. She is a versatile artist with roots in the underground electronic scene in Europe since 1993, dj’s & produces Drum and Bass, Breakz, Trip Hop, House or whatever bubbles out, because mainly she loves music. D-VINE is an "old skool" but flexible DJ. She has a long history with vinyl but has also mastered the newest technology. In 2015 she started focusing more on production & in 2017 she got her certification as an audio engineer.

"D-Vine is absolutely DIVINE to work with.  She has a fantastic outlook on life and an energy that is so positive you really feel welcome and inspired by her.   Her tracks are powerful Drum and Bass Bangers and long running anthems that build great images in my head for lyric writing.  Her music is journeyesk and takes you places" - Shavon Bonnie Legion

Wav-Legion | D-Vine Collaborations

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