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David Far

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My name is Davood Faramarzi aka David Far I am a music producer and also a singer/songwriter and a guitarist. in my productions, My favorite genre is Rock and also Movie Soundtracks (Cinematic pieces). I always have different ideas for each piece and each song, and mostly I think about creativity in a piece. My favorite music producers are: Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, and Ramin D'Jawadi And my favorite vocalists are: Kurt Cobain, MJ, James Hetfield and .... (I don't set a limit) My Genres: any (Rock - Metal - Pop - EDM ....) I am also a Video Editor and Photo Editor, I had done some short videos for myself and some full music videos for artists. and I also create photo arts for my tracks. peace & Love!
"I am a huge fan of David Far.  Since discovering him on Steemit Open Mic I have been in aww of his creative talents.  He is a very passionate and dedicated Sound Artist and Songwriter and music collaborator. I cannot shout enough praise on his created works and the collaborations we have been honored to work on with him" - Shavon Bonnie Legion
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