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Wav-Legion is a collaborative fusion music project created by Canadian Producer/Musician/Singer-Songwriter wav-Dr. & California Musician/Singer-Songwriter Bonnie Legion. 

Hey guys I am Shavon Bonnie Legion, a Multi Genre Chameleon Singer-Songwriter and Collaborative artist.  I have worked for over 10 years with producers, bands and artists from all over the globe in just about every genre of sound.   I am so happy to present to you a musical project that I believe is the culmination of all my years of dedication and hard work in original song creation so far.   This project is called Wav-Legion and is a fusion exploration journey.   This project came to be after collaborating with Canadian Producer/Musician/Singer-Songwriter wav-Dr. aka Dave Ronald.   His willingness to explore ideas and take tracks to new places with digital and real instrumental sound play has given me the freedom to really explore the creative sound centers of my brain.   

So far myself and wav-Dr. have worked on over 50 Original tracks together and have released a full length album called Wav-Legion, in tow with a large handful of remixes and original single collaborations with some other very talented sound artists such as Metropolis Music, Miss eFeMBy, D-Vine, Robert P. Kreitz II, & djmf.   We have created several official music videos by exchanging footage over the wires as we do with audio tracks to build our projects.  

With the coming release of Wav-Legion II the second full length album to come from this connection we have decided to take things to the next level and join forces on a long term continuing musical journey.    We would love to have your support as we continue to create what we believe is a fresh new sound in music.   Both wav-Dr. and myself dedicate hundreds of hours every month to our art and our sound.   We are open sound explorers looking to bring our sound to the next level audio wise, visually and eventually on stage.   

Shavon Bonnie Legion

I guys I'm Dave Ronald A.K.A. wav-Dr. I'm a Producer and multiple instrumentalist and have been creating genre bending music since 2010. Recently I ventured into the world of EDM releasing Alternative Dance / Electronic Rock music as the wav-Dr. I heard Bonnie Legion last Fall and became an instant Fan. I approached her on twitter to see if she wanted to collaborate and I was stoked because she was in. She delivered back a sizzling track and in record time. I mean the next day. So I got busy Mixing because I wanted to try and keep up. lol We released our first Single 'HeavyWeight' in Nov 2018. We both enjoyed the flow of the Project so much we decided to try another and we haven't stopped Producing since.

Like Bonnie said we have a huge music catalog already with video's, merch, remixes and are only gaining momentum. We have never met in person and have done this all online. Dropbox file sharing and messages have been the way we've shared ideas for every aspect of the project. I live in Canada and juggle work, family and music while she splits time between Cali and the UK. We want to take this to next level with touring, travelling, pro videos/production/photos, and PR but we have some Logistics to sort first. Being a Canadian citizen I need to get the appropriate paper work so I can tour in the U.S. as does Bonnie for Canada. This process requires securing your tour dates first before you’re able to apply. I have never been more proud of a project.

I believe the content and spirit that fuels the Wav-Legion project speaks for itself.  This is pure inspiration writing and Producing music with Bonnie. Thanks for listening and sharing this with us. - Dave / wav-Dr.


//  Origin:  Canada, California
//  Genres:  Alternative Dance, Electronic Rock
//  Years Active:  2018- Present
//  Label:  All Ears Music Productions, Sound Legion
//  Website:  https://www.wav-legion.com/
Short Bio

Wav-Legion is the collective work of Visual Artist/Singer/Songwriter- Bonnie Legion and Musician/Singer/Producer wav-Dr. A.K.A. Dave Ronald. 


Label: All Ears Music Productions, Sound Legion | daveronaldmusic@gmail.com


Management: Dave Ronald | wavlegion@gmail.com

Booking: Dave Ronald | daveronaldmusic@gmail.com

PR: Bonnie Legion, Dave Ronald | wavlegion@gmail.com