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Robert P. Kreitz II

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DJ/Producer, #ILISHO RECORDS EXCLUSIVE ARTIST, I Just graduated a year ago with my Associates in Studio Arts. I started spinning when I was about sixteen back in the nineties. I am a self taught DJ. When I first started to learn how to spin, I practiced at a record store I volunteered at in Vallejo, Ca 1998, that is when I started to play at my first local underground gigs. I spun with vinyl records. I Just started to learn how to spin digital now which is not as bad I I thought it would be. Now I am getting into producing my own tracks and mixes full time. I love spinning mainly Underground House and Techno.
"I love working with Robert Kreitz, he has a really great attitude with music and communications.    His tracks are absolutely wild fun pieces to work on" - Shavon Bonnie Legion

Wav-Legion | Robert P. Kreitz II Collaborations

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