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Tyger Tyger

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I am Alexandra. One has called me many things some good some bad, I might be some of these things, all, or none. In the end it is irrelevant as your perception of me will change depending on the expectations I might or might not fulfil. The us that we are is an accumulation of puzzle pieces curated through experiences, perception and ever transforming viewpoints depending how new data received colours the stream.ultimately I am work in progress enfolding before the eyes of the world around me but also shaping and being shaped by it in kind. I was born 1968 in a solar system with nine planets and now live in one with 8 without changing location. So fickle is the human way of classifying things as well as ever changing. Artistically I dabble in many things. I am a painter, Photomanipulator, Sculptor, Musician, Writer, I used to dance and make short films as well which is something I am thinking of revisiting of late. I am Vegan, an environmentalist, human and animal rights advocate and also religiously worship pie! As somewhat of a hermit you can find me lurking in the shadows or under your bed. Yes I am most likely mad as a hatter and often socially awkward - I am here for the pot brownies and the souls I shall collect for my kitchen cabinet. I have a longstanding love affair with Science and my interests are obsessively varied ranging from the arts, cooking and crafting to couchsurfing, dance and martial arts. What else to know about me I run a small animal sanctuary with mostly senior animals. My soul as dark as the ink it bleeds on paper or transforms into pixels on a screen or so i am told by some, others seem to see me as unicorn but then as I said before your opinion will changed depending … My life so far has been colourful to say the least. I like to call it My life the B-movie as the plot seems to have been written by someone with the preference for the dramatic and on some very heavy drugs, but hey at least interesting- right?! The last years I have been battling a progressive debilitating congenital Illness but for now I am kicking it’s ass rather than the other way round and am planing to win this fight. I have travelled and explored this planet I call home and was privy to awe striking life changing beauty of our habitat but also unfathomable horrors often constructed by the hands of humankind. I believe that everyone of us has the ability to grow and rise from the confinements of our societal norms, education levels and past but also am pragmatic enough to know that most rather suffer in the chains they know then find freedom in the unknown or uncomfortable. I have come to the realisation that in many ways I have lived the last 18 years of my life in an emotional and mental vegetative state I am at a crossroads. Do I continue to play dead and let life pass me by, or do I rise from the ashes and start crafting my own destiny again. One of the things I have always known, but have been very much ignoring the past years, is that reality and destiny are shaped through our actions and the mindset within we operate. What one believes determines the development of future events, psychologically but also quite figuratively. If you ask me what I think the purpose of life is I would say to evolve and become the best version of oneself, but I also believe that an evolved being naturally recognises its responsibility toward the ecological well being of the planet and the prosperity of all sentient beings. Today’s society is a nightmare and the survival of the human race is clearly dependent on a shift from the self centred and destructive patterns of Mainstream society. We humans as dominant species have a duty as stewards of this planet and should strive as individuals to leave it in better shape then we found it when we arrived. To use a Christian analogy (although I am more of an agnostic practising pagan traditions) I am my brothers/sisters keeper. All life is connected and no man, woman, animal or child should ever have to face homelessness, hunger, illness or violence. We have an obligation to help and protect the innocent, if we refuse we cannot call ourself civilised. Sadly many humans do not care about anything outside of themselves and/or their nuclear family and because of that we have become a blithe to the Earth and all other inhabitants we share her with. Still giving up is not an option to quote the movie Galaxy Quest “Never give up never surrender !” If we want to survive we will need to change and adapt. Living means learning and learning means change. Life is change, everything changes you. You are not the same person you where an hour ago, nor will you be the same person tomorrow. We create the parameters within we chose to operate, every choice has consequences for ourselves and the world around us. Ultimately first step toward changing the world for the better must always start within our own person. If we call ourselves civilised we need to acknowledge that our first responsibility lies within our actions, we need to stop blaming others for the things we do and become accountable for our deeds. P.S 
I have been writing since I was 12 where I left short poems on walls -everywhere. My first poem on paper was written when I was about 15, my second when I was 21 , from then it just wouldn't stop... For me, poetry is a compulsion and one of the seven plagues I am afflicted with music is another one > JK ;) or maybe not … Catch me on discord - TygerTyger#0001 About my vocals :In me are many voices we are Legion! About my soul : Like mark of Cain, our hearts are thorns in which many birds decay. Come no closer; I am just whisper within storm. About my convictions : Human rights, animal rights, freedom of expression, ecological consciousness ignore 1 of these & you are part of the problem!
"I am beyond impressed with Tyger Tyger.  This girl is a poet and some.  Her lyrical prowess and power is unlike anything I have seen so far in Online Music.  She is a wonder of an artist both with music and art.  I feel Tyger Tyger has no bounds when it comes to expression and creative talent.   Her voice reminds me of Janis Joplin who is a long time favorite of mine. " - Shavon Bonnie Legion

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